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Vapor Beast Review and Coupon Code

Welcome to EcigRatings Vapor Beast review – where we’ll cover a variety of aspect this up and coming brand.

Vapor Beast declares itself the most innovative supplier of PV and electronic supplies in the industry and this Vapor Beast review sets out to confirm the claim. This award winning company has a host of successful brands notched on its achievements’ list to make it a legend in the e-cigarettes industry. The Beasts eyes roving on all of the Vapor Beast’s products assure you of their success in not compromising quality on anything for their exponential expansion and success on the market.

Here’s our Review

Vapor Beast Review and Coupon Code
9 Total Score
Vapor Beast

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What E-juices are available from Vapor Beast?

Beast Brew is Vapor Beast’s special blend of e-juice. It comes to existence in the US with ingredients sourced from approved scientific procedures in labs.

Their assortment of delicious flavors includes the Chai Tea Latte, Jive JSS Nutty Tobacco, Jazzmatazz BlueBerry Lemonade and Ridiculous Mint Chocolate in their extensive array. To ensure you never get bored for lack of variety or something to soothe your palate, Beast Brew’s list continues to grow with the Simply Great Sweet Vanilla, Delicious Strawberry Cupcake, Twerk’n Cinnamon Red Hot and Flapjack Blueberry Pancake.

You get these in glass tanks so you keep track of their levels as they swirl enticingly inviting you for another exhilarating puff. All the flavors put the Beast Brew’s juices at the top of vaping liquids lists. In total, the Vapor Beast vaporizes in over 20 flavors-and no complaints there.


The Beast shows boundless passion in anticipating the unique needs of every possible vaping enthusiast. The nicotine contents in the e-juices vary depending on the thirst of the customer. Those who visit the Vapor Beast review store in search of an efficient way to ditch that nasty tobacco habit have the choice of low nicotine, to no nicotine in the e-juice of their choice.

Likewise, those who wish to puff and hang on to their nicotine drawing swigs have higher nicotine levels to placate their cravings in the absence of odors, smoke and ashtrays associated with normal smoking. The Beast makes a statement: vaping is style.

The Packaging

Talking of style, trust Vapor Beast to package their kits in stylish, attractive sets. Their years of market research and ardent incorporation of latest technology now pay off big for the company with bespoke products with unmatched features. The stainless steel exterior of the e-cig keeps your puff machine cool no matter how long the vaping session. See the battery come on in seconds after ignition and that’s for the sleek operation of your device to show off your superior e-cigs’ performance.

With adjustable airflow and the derlin tip to enhance temperature control for the Coolfire kit, Vapor Beast pulls all the stops to give you many happy hours of vaping stimulation. To up your game some more, order the Coil Mater Pbag to stow away your vaping treasures; no style cramping habits here with you lugging your essentials in the deeps of your pockets. What with the disarray, messy leaks and spills and misplaced parts when the Pbag exists to keep you on point especially in company.

The various Coolfire starter kits have varying accompaniments of batteries, chargers and iSub Vortex features. In keeping with safety standards, the kits are short circuit proofed, have OLED Display and Resistance monitoring feature to ward off any stress of trying to figure out its operation. As you charge the batteries, you can have variable wattage and the necessary chargers such as the micro USB charging code to ensure you don’t   miss a beat on your smokes. The endless collection of rebuildables, coils, tanks, clearomizers, mods and drip tank can only draw your smoldering looks of appreciation for the Beast’s watchful glare on its merchandise.

How do the Vapor Beast Kits compare?

The Coolfire kit does not even begin to describe the astounding collection of kits Vapor Beast lays at your feet. The kits vary and amaze just as the brands are many. Something for everyone is no cliché with Vapor Beast review. Nevertheless, the Beast dares not rest on its laurels; its roar continues to tame the jungle that is the e-cigarettes’ market with new products coming up in quick succession. Clients beat a path to Vapor Beast’s door wooed by the keen anticipation and response to every need.
All the products in the Vapor Beast line come reasonably priced.

The features guarantee durability, efficiency and functionality. Besides, most of its accessories are compatible across the range which affords you chance to try out most of its entree. Furthermore, the Beast spoils you with coupons to redeem for discounts on their kits and accessories. If you want to be a Vapor Beast dealer, the company has business friendly terms for wholesalers and retailers.

Suffice to say a review does little justice to the products; shop by brand, by category, by price, by flavor- but try this you must.

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We highly recommend you test out Vapor Beast. This link will give you the best deal available.

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