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V2 Cigs Review And Coupon Codes

V2 Cigs is one of the most advertised international electronic cigarettes manufacturing brand with huge range of products for everyone, from beginners to advanced consumers.

Recently, V2 Cigs has launched their EX line of products. These gracious portable products are mostly e-cigarettes with more powerful batteries, improved taste, refillable tanks and amplified vapour production without ponderousness. The launch of this new product line leads V2 Cigs to the top of the rankings. V2 Cigs has blended the miniature and portable e-cigarettes with refillable and powerful vaporizer arrangements.

V2 Cigs Review And Coupon Codes
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V2 Cigs E-cigarettes are one of the most suitable E-Cigs for beginners along with their prodigious flavours and solid vapor production. The company has largest e-cigarettes kit ever, with nice flip-top box and a robust white blue background. They had put lots of struggles into design and appearances of product to surprise the customers.

What’s in the V2 Ultimate Kit?

  1. 25 cartomizers – 5 different flavour packs with 5 cartomizers in each.
  2. Three V2 batteries – 2 standard length batteries; one automatic and one manual, and a long manual battery.
  3. 1 Mains charger
  4. 1 USB charger
  5. 1 Car charger
  6. 1 Charging Case and one heavy duty carry case
  7. 1 USB E-Cig
  8. 1 instruction booklet

V2 Cigs sell KR808D batteries in variable short, standard and long sizes in automatic and manual variants. The short manual battery is 150 mAh batteries and the long automatic battery is a 380 mAh battery. With good sense of presentations they packed their five cartomizers in attractively designed boxes along with detailed warnings of age, nicotine content and USB charger features written on it.

Dominant Battery life and Performance

The short sized 150 mAh battery is capable of giving four hour acceptable vaping experience. This analog sized e-cigarette works great and is a good option to consider. The long sized 380 mAh battery become 140 mm long with cartomizer attached with it, and become really very impressive.  These eGo type batteries with halo ultra-tank and high mAh rating will keep users’ vaping longer.  The soberly sensitive switch on the battery is robust to environmental factors like loud noise and winds.  For occasional smokers one battery is enough for the day, but a heavy vaporer will possibly need at least two batteries a day.

Superior than 3.7 volts batteries, the V2 Cigs batteries are regulated at 4.2 volts and produce hotter vapour with standard cartomizers. Remarkably, the unbreakable seal of high quality automatic batteries make them sturdy to damage caused by leaking e-liquid. The long automatic battery is capable of 250 gusts and the short automatic battery is capable of 200 gusts. With the best charging times, both the short and long batteries take approximately 2 hours to charge. The prepotent V2 Cigs Company delivers a high performance battery to its consumers.

Remarkable Vapor Production

With KR808’s vapor production capabilities and astonishing e-liquids, the V2 e-cigarettes give a satisfying vaping experience. The increased voltage of batteries plays a gigantic role in extraordinary vapour production. The new Ex line batteries and cartridges adores a high score ratings for vapour production. The vapour clouds produced by the product are certainly lovable.

Delightful E-Liquid Flavours and Cartomizers

V2 Cigs e-liquids are a great mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine that hits user with good throat kick and prodigious vapour. All V2 Cigs e-liquids are top quality and consumer valued liquids. V2 Cigs not only offers filled cartomizers but also empty ones to fill V2 e-liquid. V2 Cig offers five cartomizers in one package and every cartomizer is capable of producing 250 gusts.

The EX series products are capable of producing whopping 350 gusts. The remarkably delicious flavours offered by V2 Cigs are:

V2 Red – (linked to Marlboro Red)

Sahara – (linked to Camel)

Congress (linked to Parliaments)



Mint Tea





All the pre filled cartomizers are rigorously tested before sent to customers. Because of this extensive testing the vapour volume is thick and the flavours are superb. V2 Cigs offer four nicotine levels and a zero nicotine level. The nicotine levels that are offered by this high quality brand are:

2.4% –for heavy smokers.

1.8% –for regular smokers

1.2% –for light smokers.

0.6% –for ultra-light smokers.

0% – no nicotine inside.

Everything at one place

All the V2 e-cigarettes items like e-liquid, battery, blank cartridges etc. are available at brand’s website and user can save their shipping cost by purchasing all the products from website. They also have a smoke for free program to allure the customers where they sell their products at discounted rates and offer gift vouchers to their customers.

The Final Verdict

The V2 cig is a great brand with great e-liquids, nice vapor production and improved batteries.

The kits they provide whether a Standard Kit or Ultimate kit, is a complete package for every vaporer. The e-cigarettes have great presentations and sealed automatic batteries, which increase the durability of product. They had satisfied consumer with impressive battery life and good vapour production capability. The packages offered contain many customization options. 

Overall the verdict is that V2 Cigs delivers the best overall performance, which makes them perfect e-cigarette for the beginners or seasoned vapors.  V2 Cigs are the highest quality e-cigarettes available in the market. It offers decent looking, lustrous, exclusive, and bright and smart products to the users.


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