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Halo Cigs Coupons and Review

Halo, now established as a leader in the E-Cigs industry, continues to woo the vaping masses with its premium products. With sleek, innovative moves and in-depth market research, Halo keeps up with clients’ needs and demands to continue to thrive where others have failed but is it for you?

Halo Cigs Coupons and Review
9.5 Total Score
Halo Cigs Review


E-Liquid Manufacturing

One thing you will always notice in most Halo Cigs reviews is the decision by the company to manufacture its own American e-liquid to keep up quality which is a departure from the norm of importing it. With such commitment, this brand has ventured into futuristic ideals with supporting accessories and enhanced features. The E-liquid not only sustains the quality of the Halo Cigs but also maintains consistency in standards. This initiative shows Halo’s commitment to supplying its clients with e-liquid from the best ingredients to maintain the great flavors their clients love.
22 Flavours!

Halo boasts at least 22 flavors classified under the Menthol, Gourmet, Tobacco and Fruit labels of vape juices for every desire. They include seven dessert varieties, four menthol blends and twelve tobacco flavors among others. More tasty blends continue to evolve through Halo’s auspices with rich undertones and extraordinary twists, which makes Halo renowned for their smoke juices and e-liquid.

The assortment of flavorings meets the GRAS and PG/VG grading USP approval. The tobacco variants are outstanding and if this array proves confusing for you, Halo understands your predicament and provides sampler packs to help you decide.

With Halo Cigs, you can delve into the world of refillable tanks and e-liquids with no apprehension since Halo uses only approved ingredients for its products. The award-winning brand avoids Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl in its vaping juices and after rigorous tests as per regulations and policies. The company goes on to label each e-liquid by its tracking lot number and best-by date and puts in bottles with child-resistant caps as a guarantee of commitment to your wellbeing.

The Batteries

To power up your E-Cig, you need Triton batteries which you may get at voltages of 400 to 1300 mAh. This has immensely been captured in Halo Cigs reviews. Pass-through batteries and variable models exist for style and better output on your vaping sessions. Their ion core technology ensures they last up to 300 charge cycles. These batteries are a safer option since their periodic 10 second cut off time prevents fires in case you press the firing button accidentally. These batteries available in 11 colors work best with Triton tanks and are only compatible with the Triton USB 420 Ma output chargers. The charging options include a wall charger, USB charger and an auto charger to keep you powered throughout.

When you draw out your bucks to get a Halo pack you have several kits from which to choose. The Starter Kits are designed to give an incomparable vaping experience for those who seek superior performance personal vaporizers. Halo offers you the G6 E-cigarettes for those who are just switching over to vaping, G6 elite features include a flame guard to ward off burnt taste mishaps, a long performing rechargeable Infinglow battery and variant tank choices for optimum vaping. All Halo kits come with blank cartomizers to get your refills so that you never miss a beat on your vaping fun.

The Kits and Extras

Triton tanks offer you convenience, style and safety. They have a leak-guard feature to prevent messy and wasteful leaks and spills. Each tank has a 2.4ml capacity and their clear acrylic body helps you keep track of the e-liquid level. Halo provides you different resistance coils which you can customize by replacing them with those of different compatible resistances. The vape kits are easy to use especially with the guidance of the instructional manual so that you avoid the nasty burned taste you get from a malfunctioning electronic cigarette.


The tank has an LED, which puts the power on or off since the vaping is a manual operation and you must hold the button down for you to vape. The LED signals when the battery runs low and it needs charging. It also blinks to let you know when you need to refill the E-liquid cartridge. The LED hue matches the color of your kit to enhance its gorgeous overall design.

To wrap it up, Halo Cigs reviews present their package in a stylish pack which you can discretely tote around and pull out anywhere. You can’t miss their attention to detail. There is every reason why Halo Cigs remain at the top of the review list for best premium E-cigs on the market. Halo Cigs are the way to go when you want to quit smoking or when you want to be in a haze of smoke without the odors and mess of traditional cigarettes. Bank on Halo Cigs for the best throat and vapor hit and taste combination an E-Cigarette can give.


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