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Green Smoke Review And Promo Codes

Is Green Smoke one of the best in the ecig industry? That’s what we’ll attempt to answer in this full review.

Green smoke has been in the e-cigs market for a very long time. It has survived the revolutionary changing tastes of customers and industry innovations by maintaining a simple yet functional approach to create quality products. The packaging comes as a simple box with a flip over the magnetic lid and inside there are foam inserts to hold everything in place. The cartridges come wrapped in foil with rubber stoppers at both ends to preserve the flavour and everything within has clear labelling which makes the kits easy to understand and use.

Green Smoke Review And Promo Codes
9.3 Total Score
Green Smoke Review


A breakdown of the Flavors

One of the most outstanding features of Green Smoke review is the flavouring. If you draw a comparison with other vaping options in the market, Green Smoke wins hands down on its selection of superb flavours. The quality of flavour is the outcome of the FlavorShield technology which produces a fresh, thick and rich vapour. Green Smoke offers six flavours: classic, Southern Gold, Mocha Mist, Signature Red and Smooth Cream. The tobacco variations include the vanilla, clove and chocolate and you get a sample to try out each before placing an order. You have five different nicotine levels to choose from between 2.4, 1.8, 1.2 and 0.6 percentages as approximated at the time of manufacture, and the no nicotine cartridges.

Vaping Quality & Battery

These cigs provide you with the solution in dropping your tobacco habit with since cigs offer vapour and not smoke. Long-time smokers swear by the satisfying vape quality and quantity of Green Smoke. Green Smoke has a unique mix of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol in their e-liquid for the special vapour output. Even with prolonged vaping, Green Smoke Cigs do not get hot. You can confirm this from any of the many Green Smoke review.
Battery powering comes from their KR808D model of which you have the option of the longer 20mAh or the short 160mAh for at least 200 puffs on any of them. They have a sensitive switch to power on the high quality and attractively designed battery. The batteries have a stainless steel casing to give them structure and protect them from damage in case of impact on being dropped. Each battery has an LED light at its tip which blinks when the charge runs low; otherwise the light glows whenever you take a puff.

Are Green Smoke’s Kits Worth the Money?

The designer vape pens are stylish in the sleek design and comfortably slim for your hand. The brand presents in 5 unique kits. The basic Essentials kit is just that-the essentials with no accessories. It contains a battery, a USB charger and two cartomizers of two flavors. The flavors on offer here are Menthol Ice and Absolute Tobacco. Not that this is one of the most outstanding features in any Green Smoke review.

The Express Kit offers more additions to the Essential Kit. This one contains a battery and a USB battery, a USB charger and a wall adapter, five flavors cartomizers and a carrying case. The Pro Kit is the most popular of the Green Smoke starter kits. It has two batteries, a USB cigarette and a USB charger, a car adapter, a wall adapter, ten cartomizers and a carrying case. The Ultimate Kit and the Love Birds Kit are the priciest of all.

The Ultimate Kit has an extra battery and another USB charger in addition to what the Pro Kit offers. The kit comes with a premium leather case. The Love Birds Kit comes with pairs of everything in the Pro Kit. When you do the math, it costs less than two Pro Kits. However, if you just want to try out vaping without purchasing a starter kit, you can buy the disposable e-cigs. You get the disposables in a pack of six in Menthol Ice or Absolute Tobacco flavours at 1.8% nicotine.

What about Green Smoke’s Accessories?

Green Smoke remains attentive to the needs of its clientele and offers accessories to customize any purchase to unique preferences. The luxe leather case on offer which you can purchase with the Ultimate Kit or individually comes handy for storing and protecting your vaping ensemble. It unzips flat and though specially made for Green Smoke Essentials; it has space to pack in some personal effects such as cards and some cash. It is designed to hold three more cartridges and the USB charger slot helps in recharging batteries even when you are up and about.

Another extra is the assortment of chargers availed for you. You can choose from the USB Rapid Charger, the adapter wall charger for outlets on walls, the USD Rapid Super pack which is a pack of three USB chargers and the car adapter. The company also offers the recycling option where you can present your used cartridges from any brand in return for a box of Green Smoke cartridges. The recycle offers extends to batteries too. However, be sure to confirm the recycling terms and conditions for the eligibility of your area. Green Smoke goes out of its way to anticipate the client’s every need and to provide value for money, and that’s why this brand remains highly rated in the industry.

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