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V2 Cigs Review And Coupon Codes

V2 Cigs Review And Coupon Codes

V2 Cigs is one of the most advertised international electronic cigarettes manufacturing brand with huge range of products for everyone, from beginners to advanced consumers. ...

Bull Smoke Review And Coupon Code

Bull Smoke Review And Coupon Code

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Vapor Beast Review and Coupon Code

Vapor Beast Review and Coupon Code

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Are you Just Getting Started With Ecigs?

An electronic cigarette (e-cig) is a type of cigarette which powers on a battery instead of the traditional way of igniting its end with a fire igniter or a lit matchstick. Some studies show that an e-cig is better than the traditional cigarette as it comparatively safer, though there are researches which state otherwise.

An electronic cigarette comes in many numbers of shapes and sizes. There are some which resemble pens whereas others look similar to the real cigarettes. The e-cig has an LED light at one end which lights up using in-built sensors when a person blows the cigarette. The cigarette works using a chargeable battery and an e-liquid or e-juice which heats the liquid solution for vaporization.

There are three main components in an electronic cigarette, namely the tank or cartomizer, a battery and an e-liquid. Each battery can be connected to only certain types of tanks. Some of the popular tanks which are compatible with many batteries are Vivi Nova, cartomizer and CE4 clearomizers.

Let’s Discuss The Types

There are different types of electronic cigarettes, the two main types being disposables and refillables. Refillables are popularly used as they come in a variety of flavors and scope for customization. The e-liquid which is poured into the tank of an e-cig is available in thousands of flavors ranging from mild to strong aromas. Since they also come in flavors like chocolate and bubble gum,  as a safety precaution it should always be kept away from children as a small dose of nicotine can be harmful for the child’s health.

Are you a new customer of an electronic cigarette? First-timers may take some time to get used to the functioning of an e-cig. You will need to first charge the battery, after which it is connected to the cartomizer. Then the e-liquid has to be inserted into the tank.

What about Kits?

E-cigs come in different types of kits such as essential kit, starter kit, pro-kit, express kit, ultimate kit, to name a few. Take a good look at each type and buy the one that suits your requirements.

Keep the battery on charging for at least 24 hours before usage. Then connect the tank and the battery and use the electronic cigarette for 30 minutes. Then remove the battery and keep it for charging again for an hour. These steps will ensure prolonged battery life.

To make sure that you get the best quality e-cig, opt to buy online from one of the top brands of the products we recommend here at EcigRatings